4 Great Outdoor Exercise Options for Busy Moms

It’s gotten pretty hot, pretty fast in the New Jersey area!  Time for the beach and even us busy moms still want to look our best.  Here’s a great article that provides some outdoor exercise activities that can fit in our crazy schedules and are most importantly…fun! 4 Great Outdoor Exercise Options for Busy Moms […]


Why Stress Can Kill You: A Cardiologist Explains

I can never stress to my classes, husband, and children enough about ‘stress’ management! article from Mindbodygreen.com Why Stress Can Kill You: A Cardiologist Explains As I rushed into the Emergency Center to treat what the ER doc had texted was “a lady with a friggin’ big heart attack,” I was surprised to see a […]


4 Tips to Feeling Healthy and Happy

1.    Drink Water!  This is an easy one, yet so many people do not drink enough water.  If you think water tastes bland, add a squeeze of fresh lemon.  Keep a glass of water or a water bottle next your bedside table.  When you wake up, first thing you do is drink half of […]


New Years Resolutions

I’m not a huge fan of New Years resolutions as I believe we should always be focused on a constant state of growth…but why do so many people fail at them?  The reality is forming new mental, physical, or spiritual habits is not easy.  Psychologist Jeremy Dean gives some great insight in the article below […]


De-Stress During The Winter

Contributed from SharingTravelExperiences.com If you are like me, the holidays are very stressful. Even if you manage to deflect some of the worst parts – family arguments and air travel delays – winter can be hard on the body because of all the comfort foods, a lack of fresh air and movement, and just being […]

Less Stress For Moms

5 Tips To De-Stress

I have a question for you working moms.  Between work, kids, sports, cooking/cleaning, and aging parents…how do you fit it all in?  Without time to even think about how we will get it all done, stress quickly becomes our middle name.  We just have to move forward and conquer our next priority on our never […]