8 Tips for Staying Productive While Working From Home

Yes…working from home!  Sounds great to the majority of us desk jockeys, but not all of us can thrive in this environment. Distractions are everywhere around us and here’s a great article that provides some advice on how to stay productive while working from home…enjoy! Working from home is a benefit coveted by many employees; […]


Building Core Values, Habits, Routines and Best Practices

This week on “Architect of Change” Radio Show, your host Connie Whitman will speak with Event Coordinator & Public Relations Outreach Representative of Vito Mazza Salon & Spa, Ann Mazza, about building core values, habits, routines and best practices that need to be in place in order to increase efficiency at work and at home. […]


Tips To Keeping Your Life (and work) Organized

I know in my own life, organization is a constant process of evolution.  Both at home and work, I’m constantly striving for more efficient ways to stay organized.  Does this combination help us to achieve greater balance and facilitate higher levels of achievement??  …I think so! Here’s  a great list of tips from for […]


Time Management – Tips to Help Balance Work and Home Life – Part 4

Week Four:  Creating Balance and Setting Boundaries Are you surviving or thriving?  Could your life become more fulfilling?  Does any part of your life seem overwhelming? A major issue facing people today is how to balance their personal and professional lives.  According to a survey of U.S. workers, their number one job priority is balancing […]


Time Management – Tips to Help Balance Work and Home Life – Part 3

Week Three:  Principles of Organization Last week we discussed goal setting and the value or importance of goals and some ideas on how to do the tasks that are most important in order to achieve goal success. This week we are going to work on how to get and stay organized in order to stay […]


Time Management – Tips to Help Balance Work and Home Life – Part 2

Week Two:  Identifying and Setting Goals  Last week we focused on time management and productivity.  Everyone should have completed his or her time log for at least a week.  A separate time log for personal and professional activities should have been completed.  The next topic will help us utilize this valuable self-assessment of how our […]


Time Management – Tips to Help Balance Work and Home Life – Part 1

Welcome to my 4-part series on time management which will highlight strategies for creating the correct balance for ultimate success. Time Management Ask yourself: Do you spend your time wisely and invest it in activities that produce results? Do you know what things should be dropped or delegated? Do you understand what’s important and are […]


Getting Your ‘Mojo’ Back

The first couple of weeks of November everyone, including me, was preoccupied by Hurricane Sandy, loss of power and loss of property. My heart broke for all the people who lost everything. For many, their spirit and enthusiasm has to be shot. So how do they get back on track when they are literally clearing […]


Procrastination…I’ll Write An Article On It Soon

So, it’s been awhile since my last post, but I am coming out of my late summer hibernation and wanted to share a nice article I came across. Procrastination is a hurdle we all struggle with from time to time.  This is a topic that I will be writing about in more detail in the […]