4 Tips to Feeling Healthy and Happy


1.    Drink Water!

 This is an easy one, yet so many people do not drink enough water.  If you think water tastes bland, add a squeeze of fresh lemon.  Keep a glass of water or a water bottle next your bedside table.  When you wake up, first thing you do is drink half of the water bottle.  The morning is typically our most dehydrated point during the day.  Try to stay away from soda, flavored or sugary drinks.  These types of drinks typically will dehydrate you.


2.    Take Vitamins!

 I take about 15 different vitamins a day.  Including a multi vitamin, Vitamin D, B, Calcium and an immune building vitamin to keep me healthy.  It’s important to find a vitamin regiment that works for you.  I visit a holistic doctor two to three times a year.  She does extensive blood work so we can see what vitamin levels are off and make adjustments as needed.  Initially it took about a month for me to start feeling the positive impact of the vitamin supplements.  It works for me!


3.    Exercise!

 This is a tough one for me but I’m worth it.  Do little things to include exercise or physical activity into your day.  Park your car further out in a parking lot and walk briskly to the store, take the stairs at work instead of the elevator, or get up and go to the fax or copy machine each time you print something out, instead of just once a day.  Every little bit counts.


4.    Think and Be Positive!

 Just like water, our thoughts and attitude about things are usually overlooked.  This is one of my favorite topics to discuss during my training sessions.  Our thoughts really do become realities.  An example is, if you think, “I hate walking,” you will dread going for a walk.  If however you think, “I enjoy walking every day,” you will actually look forward to your daily walk.  Change your negative thoughts to positive ones, like I did here, and see how your mindset and behavior changes.  Try it you will definitely like it!


I challenge you to try out one or all of these little tips and let me know what works for you.  Keep it simple and try one at a time. Looking forward to hearing your success stories!

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