The Importance of Self-Esteem

What is self-esteem? Is it important to our success and happiness?  Is everyone born with it but loose it as we are programmed by life, media and role models in our orbit?  Is it true that our responses and thought processes are actually learned behaviors from generations gone by? If this is true is there […]


5 Reasons Vitamin D Is Even More Important Than You Think

We know it’s important…but do we really know ALL the benefits to getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D everyday?  Here’s a great article that has you covered… A study published in Sports Health found that over one-third of elite, Division I college athletes may have low levels of vitamin D. Among its roles, this […]


12 Monthly Wellness Challenges To Try In The Year Ahead

The New Year is fast approaching – new resolutions and goals are on our minds.  Why not give 2015 your own theme and structure some new daily habits around it?  This great article suggests ‘Wellness’ and I’m all in!  Enjoy! 12 Monthly Wellness Challenges To Try In The Year Ahead So this year, instead of […]


10 Cool Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

It’s the winter..gets dark early, its cold, and sometimes dreary and snowy.  It affects some of us in different ways – whether its mood swings, depression, etc.  Here’s some great things to keep in mind as you plow through the winter blues! 10 Cool Ways to Beat the Winter Blues Winter is in full force. […]


How Long 23 Fruits and Veggies Stay Fresh

This infographic is soooo awesome and helpful that I must share!  Thank you Women’s Health…now if only my fridge was smart enough to text me when something was about to expire 😉 To read the article in its entirety, please follow this link.  


5 Steps to Finding the Best Time to Exercise

I struggle with this constantly!  I find the best thing for me is to actually put it on my calendar…gives me the best chance to actually do it 😉 5 Steps to Finding the Best Time to Exercise When you’re working full- or part-time and taking care of your kids, the best time to exercise becomes somewhat […]


8 Things to Be Thankful for

Thanksgiving is about a week away and it’s time for all of us to reflect on giving thanks to everything we have in our life…not that we shouldn’t be doing this everyday! with Mark Merrill posted a nice article to get those thankful juices flowing… In our life, we sometimes spend too much […]


25 Ways to Fight Holiday Stress

Yep….I’m going there.  The holiday season gets underway in a couple weeks so I figure it’s good timing for this article.  Read up and get yourself prepped to be stress free clear through the New Year!   Holiday stress-busting tips By Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen The shopping and crowds. The back-to-back diet-busting parties. The interminable chats with […]


11 Easy Ways To Meditate (Even If It Seems Impossible)

We’ve all heard about it…we all know it’s good for our health, sanity, and more.  But unfortunately, not many of us really know where to start, how to start, and then if we’re even doing what we’re supposed to be doing!!!   Here’s an article I came across that gives a little insight…so get meditating! […]


What do you do to stay motivated and upbeat?

Who feels like each day is filled with more tasks to do than you have time to get them done? How many of you wake up feeling good and by 10AM feel exhausted and drained? I bet many of you are saying, “How does she know that’s exactly how I feel most days?” The truth […]