Why Stress Can Kill You: A Cardiologist Explains

I can never stress to my classes, husband, and children enough about ‘stress’ management!

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Why Stress Can Kill You: A Cardiologist Explains

As I rushed into the Emergency Center to treat what the ER doc had texted was “a lady with a friggin’ big heart attack,” I was surprised to see a nicely dressed woman sobbing quietly, but not in as much distress as I usually encountered in this setting.


I had already reviewed her EKG, which had been sent to my smart phone, and she had classic signs of a serious heart attack. As the team rushed her to the examination room, she told me that she had been at an AA meeting with her daughter who had recently shared a long history of alcoholism.

During the meeting, the stress and shame she felt as a failed mother was so intense that she began to feel horrible chest pressure. In the next ten minutes, I performed a procedure that showed that she had normal heart arteries, unusual for a heart attack, but she had a lot of damage to the heart muscle.

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