Feeling Gratitude in the Wake of Great Loss


How often do we face a week where we feel helpless and a lack of control? Hopefully not too often, yet it happens. Last week, was one of those weeks. A week where you pause and really look at your life and the choices you’ve made. These life-affirming weeks are necessary for us to be able to stop and feel gratitude for what we have, in our daily mundane lives.

The reason for this weeks article is to help us all stop and be grateful for what we do have, while we still have the opportunity to do so.

Think about how many people do not wake up or have the opportunity to see their kids flourish in college, graduate, grow up to be men and women, get married, have kids, etc.? What if that someone was you? What would you do differently with your life, starting today?

Last week in our local community we lost a young man, 17 years old, who had a heart condition that was unknown before he stepped onto the Lacrosse Field to compete against a rival school. We lost two hockey moms, 51 and 52 years old, who played integral roles in the lives of our boys, when they were just starting out in their travel hockey careers.   In a blink of an eye, within three days, these three souls were gone.

To say the least, it takes the wind out of our sails. It makes us stop and wonder why we are so lucky to be chosen, to remain on this earth, and given the privilege of seeing our families grow old, while creating beautiful memories along the way.

Notice my two-bolded words – lucky and privilege. I challenge each of you, over the next month, to pause every morning and every evening. During this time, sit quietly and reflect on the many small blessings that you were given during your day that made you feel lucky and privileged. We seem to seek grandiose events to feel grateful, instead of looking at the simplicity and beauty that exists all around us, every day. Examples may be waking up to your dog kissing your face, or the pleasure of seeing your family devour your latest quickly prepared meal, or the sense of peace and love you feel while reading the bedtime story to your kids, and finally ending your hectic day by snuggling quietly with your significant other and falling asleep in their arms.

Share your story on what little things you feel grateful for today! By sharing our little blessings we are really sharing a positive exchange of gratitude and love. Who knows, this may help us all change our daily perspective from feeling frustration and stress to feeling at ease and in flow. Are you up for the challenge?

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