5 Ways to Focus on Self-Improvement this Summer

contributed by guest writer, Lauren Larson.

Mom Juggling

When wearing so many hats, it’s easy for a working mom to lose sight of her most precious asset, time, and how to devote some of this gift to herself and her own self-improvement.

Summer is an excellent opportunity to focus on you and take steps toward personal growth and self-improvement. Invest some of the time you have into yourself in ways that will give back to you and your family in many ways.

Read a book

It’s so easy to be distracted by family and household chores that you do not set aside time even at night to read, especially when you are tired. Reading is so good for your brain and can even help prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia, improve short-term memory, and enhance your imagination.

Instead of getting distracted by the high stimulation of electronics these days, find the time to expand your mind – it is worth the investment in you. Plus, you can learn a great deal based on the type of reading you choose that will enrich your understanding of the world around you. Read a variety of different genres and try reading with your kids too.


Giving back to your community for a cause you believe in can seem just as worth it, if not more, than your paid regular work. Doing something you are passionate about can provide a higher meaning and purpose where you feel fulfilled, plus you can change the lives of others. 

Another perk is that you feel more connected to your local community, where you can meet like-minded people. Serving others is a great character builder, where you can encourage your kids and spouse to join you!

Learn Something New

Take some time for you to learn about something for which you have always been curious. Always dreamed of learning Italian or French? Now is the time to go for it! 

Regardless of whether it is a language, a style of cooking, or throwing pottery on a wheel, plan to do something you have never done before, where it may involve signing up for a class that is online or in person. 

Your passion for a new hobby may rub off on your family as well. Or it can be that education boost that lands you a promotion at work. 

Take a tech break 

Taking a tech break is not only beneficial for increasing face to face time with you, your family and friends, – it is also beneficial for your creative thinking and problem solving as well. Refresh your brain by going out in nature and forcing your eyes away from your phone and laptop screen. 

Take some quiet time off the grid to take stock of your mind and emotions where you look introspectively at what matters most for you. Remember that a mental break will change your perspective and perhaps redirect your focus.

Invest in your sleep

Investing in your own sleep is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family. Sleep is how we recharge and how our brains process the events of the day. 

Without proper sleep, you can experience a lack of attention span, irritability, and fatigue that can wear you down over time and decrease your productivity. In order to prevent sleep disturbance and benefit from quality sleep, setting a regular sleeping schedule for going to sleep and waking up is paramount. 

You should also evaluate your sleep structure to make sure it is right for how you sleep and your sleep preferences, including your bed frame, mattress, and sheet set. Also, make sure your bedroom is designed and arranged to be a sleep haven, where distractions to sleep and causes of stress are removed.

Most importantly, self-improvement is a form of self care that fosters self-esteem. Through self-improvement, you can learn more about yourself and appreciate your newfound strengths and passions, which can lead your life in new directions.

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