About 411

Mother, wife, daughter, sister, business owner, speaker, friend and inspirational leader.

Connie believes that her true calling is to provide the necessary tools that working moms need to live the life they have always dreamed of and find balance and peace within the many roles they face every day.  This is why she has created 411 For Moms.  Connie recognizes what it takes to be a working mom, and lives her life by blending all of her roles with relative ease.

Connie has been inspired and attributes her achievements in life to the influence her parents have played in her life.  Family and work are both important components of what makes Connie tick.  She wants to share creative and real solutions to common issues, situations and fears that working Moms share.  Connie wants her blog to provide value with important up to date information that can be implemented instantly and used to make life a little bit easier.  Connie believes in “how to action steps” when approaching new challenging situations.  She hopes to bring that “how to” thought process and guided information to the working Mom community.

Connie’s upbringing was filled with discipline, strength and respect, and is how Connie lives her life today, teaches her children and runs her business.  The corner stone of her life revolves around her family, hard work, abundant love all around her, respect for herself, family, friends and clients.  All these components keep Connie grounded, on track, motivated and successful.

Become part of 411 for Mom’s community.  Give feedback, share successes and frustrations.  Together we can accomplish so much and have it all.  Come join Connie for the fun and exciting ride of being a working mom!