De-Stress During The Winter

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If you are like me, the holidays are very stressful. Even if you manage to deflect some of the worst parts – family arguments and air travel delays – winter can be hard on the body because of all the comfort foods, a lack of fresh air and movement, and just being really busy this time of year.

I recently had my first acupuncture treatment, specifically a de-stress treatment. (Yes, I got a de-stress treatment before the holidays started. I’m either smart or really in bad shape.) It was a game changer and a real wake up call that we need to take a time out and take care of ourselves when so many things are calling for attention. De-stressing spa treatments are not just a luxury treat – sometimes they are a necessity for sanity and health!

I thought I’d share some of the popular holiday-themed de-stress treatments that readers have shared with me. Get yourself an appointment. You deserve it.


As you may have heard, snowshoeing is one of my favorite winter activites – so why not combine a bit of calming yoga into the mix! I first heard about this at Lake Chelan (which also has a winter wine and chocolate festival – talk about good people to know), but it’s a hot trend happening at many of the popular resort towns. It doesn’t surprise me I guess, as I have even done a yoga class myself the day after a rough ski day, so the combination does make sense…

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