5 Reasons Vitamin D Is Even More Important Than You Think

We know it’s important…but do we really know ALL the benefits to getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D everyday?  Here’s a great article that has you covered… A study published in Sports Health found that over one-third of elite, Division I college athletes may have low levels of vitamin D. Among its roles, this […]


You have the power to create change and sustain happiness. Just believe!

We cannot change something that’s occurred in the past. You can certainly control how you react to it, which is what actually determines your overall happiness. I recently taped my radio show, “Architect of Change,” on webtlkradio.net with my awesome guest, NY Times Best Selling author, Dave Pelzer. We discussed this topic of happiness at […]


What Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Words Can Teach Your Kids Today

Today is a day to reflect on the strength, vision, and resolve of one man who shaped the world to come.  How can you translate the message and lessons of Dr. King to your kids? – as they ARE the future leaders in this world. What Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Words Can Teach Your Kids […]


Architect of Change – Leap of Faith

Listen to this week’s episode – Leap of Faith This week on “Architect of Change” Radio Show, your host Connie Whitman will speak with Patrick Bell, MBA, CAPM and Lecturer at Elon University about taking the leap of faith and change from a career in corporate America to academia. We will discuss how we have […]


12 Monthly Wellness Challenges To Try In The Year Ahead

The New Year is fast approaching – new resolutions and goals are on our minds.  Why not give 2015 your own theme and structure some new daily habits around it?  This great article suggests ‘Wellness’ and I’m all in!  Enjoy! 12 Monthly Wellness Challenges To Try In The Year Ahead So this year, instead of […]


10 Cool Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

It’s the winter..gets dark early, its cold, and sometimes dreary and snowy.  It affects some of us in different ways – whether its mood swings, depression, etc.  Here’s some great things to keep in mind as you plow through the winter blues! 10 Cool Ways to Beat the Winter Blues Winter is in full force. […]


5 Tips for Dealing with Difficult People at Family Holiday Gatherings

I think we’ve all had some sort of experience with this!  All families have their share of drama…and go figure it sometime and somehow reveals itself during those special family gatherings.  Could be Grandma, a family friend, cousin, or anyone that’s going to step up and make your holiday celb 5 Tips for Dealing with […]


Building Core Values, Habits, Routines and Best Practices

This week on “Architect of Change” Radio Show, your host Connie Whitman will speak with Event Coordinator & Public Relations Outreach Representative of Vito Mazza Salon & Spa, Ann Mazza, about building core values, habits, routines and best practices that need to be in place in order to increase efficiency at work and at home. […]


The 100 Best Companies For Working Moms

Juggling a career and a family can be challenging. But some employers are making it much easier for women to achieve a healthy balance between the two. Working Mother magazine recently identified the 100 best companies for working moms, to honor those that are setting the standard for work-life practices in the US. “These companies recognize that […]


12 Steps To Stay Positive In A Negative World

I love reading these articles related to positivity and mindset; especially since I’ve written many of my own.  You’ll find that with these articles, there are many similar underlying themes.  However, it’s important to take these techniques, try them, and see which ones work best for us individually.  Create your own individually tailored road map […]