You have the power to create change and sustain happiness. Just believe!

We cannot change something that’s occurred in the past. You can certainly control how you react to it, which is what actually determines your overall happiness.


I recently taped my radio show, “Architect of Change,” on with my awesome guest, NY Times Best Selling author, Dave Pelzer.

We discussed this topic of happiness at great length, so tune in next week and listen to Dave’s insightful tips. In the mean time I thought I’d share some ideas on how to address disappointments, self-assess a situation to determine why it didn’t live up to your anticipated expectations, and how to move forward to create positive change and happiness going forward. The song Happy is playing in my head right now!

Here are 5 easy, effective steps to change a negative feeling or situation into positive, actionable change!

Step 1: Zoom Out – Stop and take a minute to evaluate the situation. Really look at it from every angle. Then remove yourself from the equation and look at it as if your friend was sharing the story or situation with you. Change your perspective and zoom way out so you take the emotion out of the thought process and look at it with clarity based on fact.

Step 2: Breath – Handle the frustration, sadness, anger, etc., you are feeling and let it go! Don’t let it consume you. Step 1 helps to minimize the emotional response by shining a light on the situation for clarity. Now, go talk to friend or someone who will really listen so you can let it all hang out. Sometimes just sitting and meditating can help put things in perspective too. Just breath to gain perspective!

Step 3: Self-Assess – Take a close look at the real cause for the angst and consider why things didn’t go as you had planned. Self-Assess and ask yourself the following questions: 1. What was my expectation? 2. Was it realistic or a pipe dream? 3. Did I take the necessary steps to achieve my desired goal/result?

By Self-Assessing you take a moment to digest the analysis you’ve uncovered and use the information you’ve learned about yourself or the situation so you can grow from it.

Step 4: Plan – Movement or change occurs when you develop a plan to create a different outcome. Use the information you learned from the self-assessment and use it to your advantage. Decide the next step you need to take in order to devise a plan on how you are going to get there!

Step 5: Manifestation – Remember, your thoughts become reality. So manifest your goal or vision into existence. Trust in the Universe, keep your thoughts focused on your goal, remain fluid so you can accept all opportunities that will help you create your desired outcome and allow the universe to conspire and make your goal or thoughts a reality.

Remember, you have the power to create change and sustain happiness. Just believe!

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