Architect of Change – Leap of Faith

Listen to this week’s episode – Leap of Faith


This week on “Architect of Change” Radio Show, your host Connie Whitman will speak with Patrick Bell, MBA, CAPM and Lecturer at Elon University about taking the leap of faith and change from a career in corporate America to academia. We will discuss how we have full control over our lives, having a dream, a plan, passion and enthusiasm to move forward with career changes. We will discuss our soul purpose and how mid life change is possible as long as you have passion, skills and believe in yourself!

During this show, we will discuss . .

1. How do you change your life 360 degrees with a wife, kids and a mortgage and make it a success?
2. Having a plan of attach to make changes possible and successful.
3. What key skills do we need to develop that are transferable as we move through life and the different life stages?
4. The message to kids in college and what life skills discussed as part of Patrick’s curriculum to help kids succeed in college and beyond?
5. As we age and move through life stages, how do we remain relevant and current with our own perspective and continued skill development?
6. 3 -4 tips, to help move to the next step in the decision making process with different crossroads in life and how to be proactive with research and planning?

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