The Working Mom In A Cooking Rut

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Michelle Meyers has come a long way since the tuna casserole and overdone pork chop days of her youth: She packs daily salads for lunch, and family dinners (two of her three children are still in the house) often involve chicken and veggies. She is fit and thin. But her long workdays mean little time for cooking. “I don’t have time to prepare meals on a daily basis,” she explains. And because weekends are so precious, she doesn’t want to spend too much time organizing or preparing meals for the week. Two family members don’t eat red meat, and her vegetable vocabulary is limited.“I need some help with how to stock a pantry,” says Michelle, who, though healthy, has fallen into the repetition and boredom trap of her youth.


Creative, quick ideas are in order—inspiration for a pantry overhaul, for example, or ways to vary weeknight dinners. Although she doesn’t want to spend weekend time prepping ingredients, a bit of work ahead of time will help come, say, Wednesday at dinnertime….

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