What do you do to stay motivated and upbeat?


Who feels like each day is filled with more tasks to do than you have time to get them done? How many of you wake up feeling good and by 10AM feel exhausted and drained? I bet many of you are saying, “How does she know that’s exactly how I feel most days?” The truth is, we all feel like this. Between, work, kids schedules, homework, projects at school, kids, preparing and cleaning up dinner, food shopping, laundry, exercise, etc. it’s all just too much!

For the most part, I think people would describe me as upbeat, high energy and a positive thinker. Do you think I am able to maintain that level of positive energy all the time? Of course, the answer is no. I need jolts of positive energy every once in awhile to keep me focused and on task.

Here are five easy ideas I use to help keep me up and energized:

1. I receive three motivational quotes every morning, from three different on-line sources. I read each one of the motivational quotes and really think about how I can implement the quotes idea or what thoughts I should try to think for that day to execute the premise of the quote. It’s a nice way to start my day.

2. Like most of you, I am not at my desk every morning but rather am traveling to a clients location and do it at emails until noon or during a first break of the day. Most people find being in the car a waste of time. I see it as an opportunity to unplug (good advice is to not be on cell phone and absolutely no texting!) and listen to either a motivational speaker who shares some good ideas on how to maintain a high energy, stay focused on your goals, or just ideas on how to feel good emotionally and mentally.

3. The other thing I like to do while in the car is to listen to music. Music, for me, speaks to my soul and resonates peace and happiness for me. I hear different songs and I picture myself in the place I had first herd that song, or the beat just seems to put me in a happy place. We all have songs that move us emotionally. I have a play list on my iPhone that I plug into my cars sound system, and listen to my happy place, play list. Some of the songs on this list for me are Natasha Bedinfield’s “Pocket Full of Sunshine;” “You Should Be Dancing” by the Bee Gees; “Live While Your Young” by One Direction; “Clarity” by Zedd; “Wild Summer Nights” by Beaver Brown; and so many more. What does your playlist sound like?

4. The last thing I do every night, right before I fall asleep, is I repeat to myself (in my head not out loud) a little mantra of all the things I am thankful for (I really FEEL gratitude for my life and all the people I have in it), plus all the things I am working to achieve but I say them to myself as if they have already occurred. Examples would be: “I am at my correct weight (I am currently working on this and have 15 pounds to go!) and I feel so healthy, I am loved and cared about by so many good people, I have all that I could ever want and so much more, I am grateful for my loving and productive kids, I am thankful that my family is healthy, etc.” You get the idea. I learned this from a great book written by Dr. Wayne Dyer called “Wishes Fulfilled.” He teaches that what you think is what happens to us in our daily lives. He states that not only do we have to say and think it but also we have to FEEL the words in order for the universe to respond to our wishes. He says that by doing this exercise each night, we allow these positive thoughts to percolate in our mind, at a subconscious level, and allow us to feel these thoughts as we fall asleep. What does your mantra sound like?

5. My last idea, for you today, is to read books that impact your life and make you think about ideas to help you to continue to grow. Dr. Wayne Dyer is one of my regular authors, for such a purpose. I am also a big fan of Zig Zigler, and re-read his books over and over.

I hope these ideas get you thinking of ways that help keep you upbeat and motivated. Please share your thoughts, with the things you do to help keep you positive and energized. I am always looking for fresh ideas to help keep me up and happy!

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