The Importance Of Teaching Children To Volunteer

This is a topic that definitely deserves more attention as parents.  Here’s a nice article from a fellow mom blog, EcoCrazyMom.

The Importance of Teaching Children To Volunteer


During the holiday season, many parents would love to get children to think outside of themselves, to think more about the getting and more about the giving. Parents like the idea of teaching children thatservice is a gift in and of itself. Families that serve together find that their children grow up with more compassion. In addition, the act of volunteering gives children a sense of purpose, the realization that they can make a positive difference in the world and the opportunity to learn more about the community they reside. Teaching children simple things, such as recycling, reusing and repurposing can be the first steps in teaching them eco friendly ways to make a difference. By incorporating eco-friendliness withvolunteering, not only will your child be impacted, but so will the environment.

Yet, finding organizations that are willing or legally able to let children volunteer can be a challenge. Use these steps to help teach children about the environment and the value of service this holiday season:

Start by investigating the organizations that are meaningful to you. See if there are needs the family can fill in creative ways. When the children ask why you are about to serve as a family, keep the answers simple and concrete. “Because it helps make the park a cleaner place for us to play,” is sufficient…

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