12 Steps To Stay Positive In A Negative World

I love reading these articles related to positivity and mindset; especially since I’ve written many of my own.  You’ll find that with these articles, there are many similar underlying themes.  However, it’s important to take these techniques, try them, and see which ones work best for us individually.  Create your own individually tailored road map […]


9 Ways To Bulletproof Your Daughter Against Domestic Violence

Like everyone else, I was so shocked and disgusted when I heard the story (AND saw the footage) of what Rutgers alum Ray Rice did to his fiance in Atlantic City.  I feel in large part domestic abuse in this country has been downplayed in way too many instances.  If anything good can come from […]


How Long 23 Fruits and Veggies Stay Fresh

This infographic is soooo awesome and helpful that I must share!  Thank you Women’s Health…now if only my fridge was smart enough to text me when something was about to expire 😉 To read the article in its entirety, please follow this link.  


5 Steps to Finding the Best Time to Exercise

I struggle with this constantly!  I find the best thing for me is to actually put it on my calendar…gives me the best chance to actually do it 😉 5 Steps to Finding the Best Time to Exercise When you’re working full- or part-time and taking care of your kids, the best time to exercise becomes somewhat […]


Listen To My Recent Episodes On WebTalkRadio

The first two episodes of my radio show, Architect of Change, are in the bag!  You can listen to both of them here. Episode 1 – Communication in Business This week on the Architect of Change Radio Show, your host Connie Whitman will speak with marketing expert Stephan Jacob about creating a platform for visibility, exposure, […]


7 Dangerous Lessons We Need To Stop Teaching Our Kids

These are wonderful points to be taken to heart by us parents.  It’s easy to forget our not-so healthy…mentally AND physically…habits (as subtle as you think they may be) are setting examples for our kids of all ages.  None of us are perfect, but remembering to be mindful of the behaviors we project in front […]


9 Mind-Bending Epiphanies That Turned My World Upside-Down

A really nice article.  I whole-heartedly believe that the universe returns what we put out there.  Your thoughts are like seeds planted in the earth…the land doesn’t care if they are positive, productive, self-destructive, or negative…it will yield whatever you plant.  9 Mind Bending Epiphanies That Turned My World Upside-Down Over the years I’ve learned […]


6 Websites I follow Daily To Keep Me Going

1. Live Out Loud is an inspiring web site and newsletters that share ideas on how to become well rounded, how to give back and the positive energy that needs to be maintained to achieve and live a full life. www.liveoutloud.com   2. This web site and newsletters that are shared are all about easy […]


Tips To Keeping Your Life (and work) Organized

I know in my own life, organization is a constant process of evolution.  Both at home and work, I’m constantly striving for more efficient ways to stay organized.  Does this combination help us to achieve greater balance and facilitate higher levels of achievement??  …I think so! Here’s  a great list of tips from ZenHabits.net for […]


Time Management – Tips to Help Balance Work and Home Life – Part 4

Week Four:  Creating Balance and Setting Boundaries Are you surviving or thriving?  Could your life become more fulfilling?  Does any part of your life seem overwhelming? A major issue facing people today is how to balance their personal and professional lives.  According to a survey of U.S. workers, their number one job priority is balancing […]